Local Search Marketing Services Firms Need To Make Google Places Top Priority

Local Search Marketing Services Firms Need To Make Google Places their Top Priority in 2011. With the recent Google changes; to rank at the top of Google Places needs to be number one in every business minds. Many first page sites have now dropped to the second page of the organic listings due to these changes. Many unknown or a business even without a website now have first page rankings.Local researchers are highly qualified and ready to take action. They already know the product and service need; they are searching online to find a local business that can fill that need. With a comprehensive local search marketing program, you might be the local business they are looking for!Through local map listings, internet yellow pages (IYPs) and local franchise advertising, we help increase online exposure and drive qualified traffic to increase your sales or leads. We have dedicated staff that develops and manages these custom programs to get the results for you. They are can support and answer questions you might encounter along the way.Your customers are searching for you online…Can your website be found?Over 1 Billion Local Searches Performed Each MonthNowadays more and more consumers are searching the internet to find local businesses, services and products. Getting the top positions on the search engines is like having 1,000 Yellow Pages Ads building your local small business!73% of all online activity is related to local content (Google)
82% of local searchers follow up with a phone call or show up on your doorstep (TMP/Comscore)
66% of Americans use local search to find local businesses (Comscore)
54% of Americans have replaced phone books (Yellow Pages & Business Directory) with internet and local search (Comscore)
43% of search engine users are seeking a local merchant with the intent of buying offline
41% of consumers say they use a location in their search – “Dentist in Chicago”Despite this,only a jaw-dropping 9% of small businesses are happy with their internet marketing! If you are in the 91% majority, Local Search Marketing Services Firms can help!What’s In It For You?New Business! Getting Found in Google Places brings a steady stream of new customer’s 365 days a yearReturn On Investment – Consider the “Lifetime Value” of one new customer, or the profit of one “big ticket” sale – many clients recuperate their investment from just one new customerListed in Online Maps such as Google, Yahoo & Bing – More than 90% of the total search market is controlled by the “Big 3″ – You get found where your customers are lookingSave money on multiple Yellow Page listingsTotal Reach and Coverage in the city/metro area your business serves – Add additional cities if neededA Website is NOT required (but we do suggest it) – See Additional Services for Website Development, Video Production, and BloggingVarious levels of Inclusive Google Places and other business listings to fit any budgetBack in the good old days, you just need to put your business listings in the yellow pages then you’ll have your consumers. But today’s a different world. In present economic environment, small business can’t afford to miss out on new business opportunities. Local Search Marketing Services Firms can make things a little easier with submission to Google Places to help your business get found in local search results. Their goal is to put your business on the local search map!The internet did a major change on how we do business and how we reach our qualified customers. Nowadays, consumers are accustomed to finding information fast and with ease. Is your company capitalizing on this trend by utilizing local search marketing and making sure you’re found on the local level? Local Search Marketing Services Firms using Google Places are an excellent solution for driving high quality traffic to your local businesses from multiple online mediums, including top national search engines, local search engines, internet yellow pages, niche search sites, and mobile directories.How do we do it?Your possible customers are much more mobile today. Now, it’s about being visible in various online search engines and location maps so it’s very important to be optimized for your geo-specific keywords. To attain this, Local Search Marketing Services Firms offers a local search package that will gain significant local marketing exposure for your company.With their local search engine marketing your company can have customized, branded and targeted local listings in a variety of places such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, YELP, and Merchant Circle just to name a few. They work with you to create engaging local profiles, using relevant keywords, designed to drive local business to your website. They also add graphics, available video, optimized descriptions and links to each of the profile listingsLet Local Search Marketing Services Firms Secure Your Business Rank Higher in Google Places (Maps)They have a deep understanding of how the Maps algorithm works and the factors used to determine rankings of local business listings. They also have a few tricks up their sleeves that can help give you achieve a competitive advantage. They can help give your business a boost in the Maps rankings and guide you on how best to solidify your rankings over time.

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There is an excessive amount of traffic coming from your Region.


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Community Relations Is Vital to Public Relations

Public relations are all about the mutually beneficial relationship between an organization and its publics. In every organization in the world, the community is included as a public. Because of this, organizations and the public relations professionals who represent these companies, must identify, establish, and maintain a strong, trusting relationship with their communities.Building a relationship with the community will create positive results in the reactions to your company’s promotions. The community will become a supporter and user of your company’s products and/or services. Community relations are a huge part of brand building as well. Building brand awareness with your company’s community can become viral, which can result in national brand awareness of your products and/or services. This relationship will also come in handy in times of a company crisis. If you’ve already established a valid, two-way, trusting relationship with your communities then they’re more likely to be understanding and forgiving when your company makes mistakes (as all companies do from time to time). The benefits to building a corporate-community relationship are endless.Now that you understand this importance, you may be wondering, “How can I go about creating this relationship from scratch?” Building a real trusting relationship can take time, but any company can do it. Here are my top three tactics used in creating a community-company relationship:I’d first recommend talking to the CEO or President about becoming a part of local organizations. For an example, becoming part of your local Chamber of Commerce. By joining your local Chamber of Commerce, your company will network with other local businesses, potential customers, and the community. Your company will be informed of any upcoming events within the community, of which your company may want to be a part of.Next, participate in local philanthropies. By becoming a donor, sponsor, or volunteer for local charities, your company will put out the image of being community oriented and a helper. Your company won’t come across as greedy or money hungry. On the charities’ websites, they will usually have a page with sponsors’ logos, which may even link to your company’s website. This will get your company recognized within the community.Last, get online! In today’s society, the internet and social networking are everywhere and your company must participate or get lost. As I’ve mentioned before, you not only have your local community, but also an online community, which consists of the local community and others. Building an online presence is the best way to create that two-way communication. Create a company Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blog, LinkedIn, etc. Make your social networking interesting and of use to your communities. Give them information they want to know, provide fast news, create contests, and make giveaways. All are incentives for the community to follow your social media outlets and engage in communication with your company.These are my favorite concepts in building relationships with communities, though there are many more. Beginning with these three tactics will be of great use and success for you. Remember these tactics and the benefits they can bring to your company when expanding your company’s image!

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Your Selection Is NITRO Remote Control When You Hunger For That Big Motor Racket

Gas radio control toys make a racket – loud noise. And when you’re searching for that big motor racket the only way to go is NITRO remote control.The speediest RC toys on the road today are the electrics with brushless engines. But though the electric models are speedier than an internal combustion, they just don’t give you that exhilaration that comes with the roar of a gas motor.Your gas opportunities are many, and depend on your personal desires in this hobby.Want to get up on a bike? Grab a seat on an internal combustion motorcycle, and abrade your knee joints with a RC cycle. Manufacturers design them for screaming round the oval.Does your radio control playtime move you to the autos?The options of automobile toys are meant to mimic one of the many full-sized autos you see on the road.Many of these toys include the ability to swap the body. For instance, buy one chassis with a classic body, and then just buy assorted classic, or modern, body styles to give yourself a change.Go racing with your choice of stock speedsters to Indy car style racing cars to dragsters that zip down the track. Some of these racing cars burn the oval up at speeds over 70 mile an hour.For dirt track excitement try a buggy. Built for jolting landscape a gas buggy lets you rush around your back yard at 65 mile per hour or faster. Some buggies give you exchangeable body choices for switching from the buggy concept to an automobile.Four wheel driving enjoyment comes in many forms too. For a line of pickups pick from regular everyday truck toys to stadium pickup trucks, as well as other pickup trucks you commonly see on the road.Some pickup truck toys provide for swapping out the body also.Then you have the monster pickup trucks. They range in size from micro monster pickup truck to huge 1/10-scale toys that defeat your most rocky terrain.How about some aeronautical kicks?Gas powered flying toys include copters, stunt and aerobatic aircraft, and war planes.Fly curls and rolls, stalls and nose dives, float, or stage a dogfight as you rush across the clouds.There’s nothing like a gas aircraft to try your aeronautical talents.You also have aquatic opportunities. From the high competition boats to formula 1 hydro speed boats.Create a course of pylons across the pond. See who blasts that rooster tail the farthest into the air.Internal combustion radio control toys give you high-speed excitement along with the racket of full-sized racing event centers.But be selective about where you operate these toys. Your neighbors sometimes won’t enjoy the loud motor racket. And be sure to close off your ears so you don’t lose your hearing.You just can’t get the ultimate in electrifying engine sound, and big motor racket, unless you go NITRO remote control.

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The Health Care Crisis – and a Solution

We are presently facing a health care crisis that is getting more dire every day. Health care costs are increasing so rapidly that many companies who offered free health insurance to their employees are now passing a lot of the high cost on to their employees. Other employers are dropping their health care plans altogether because they have become too expensive. Millions do not have health insurance because they can’t afford the premiums.There are many reasons that this situation is escalating out of control.One reason is that the primary emphasis is on treatment of the symptoms of disease. There is too little emphasis on prevention of disease.Most people don’t take care of themselves well enough, partially due to insufficient knowledge on how to prevent disease. Many people tend to eat too much and exercise too little. Many others have habits which impact their health, such as alcohol or tobacco.We have an aging population. We live longer, but require more health care to accomplish that, partially due to insufficient attention to our health in earlier years.Health care insurance encourages people to neglect their health because they think they can rely on a quick fix when they need it.Medical choices are often made by others in the name of the patient, rather than the patient being involved in the financial and medical choices.Many insured patients tend to overuse medical resources since those resources appear to be free or almost free, masked by the cost of the insurance.What is the solution to this ever-expanding problem? How do we bring health care costs under control and make a better life for people?There are many facets to the solution, but the most important part is disease prevention. Many of the nation’s biggest health problems can be prevented with proper knowledge and proper habits.The emphasis for health care needs to be shifted from treating disease to prevention of disease. We need to stop disease before it manifests. This will not eliminate the need to cure disease, but it can diminish that need significantly. One very important by-product of this is a healthier population.Now that we know the solution, how do we implement it?It is implemented through proper health education. The knowledge of how to prevent disease has existed for thousands of years. The knowledge has been largely ignored, to our detriment. People got used to the idea of taking pills to treat the symptoms of disease rather than taking proper actions to prevent disease in the first place. This fostered bad habits and people increasingly lost the inner knowledge of what was good for their health and what was bad for their health. People began to crave junk food and a sedentary lifestyle – the opposite of what was good for their health.How do we gain the proper health education and restore the inner knowledge to help guide our journey to better health? Ayurveda, the science of life, provides a wealth of information for restoring better health and balance to our systems. You can get more information on health at http://www.mindxpansion.com/health/. You can also check the balance of your own system or get a comprehensive Ayurvedic Analysis at http://www.mindxpansion.com/ayurvedic/. The solution to this momentous problem lies in the hands of each one of us. Start doing your part today and you will reap the benefits for many years to come.

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